Information regarding the tournament at MSU on Saturday, Feb. 23

posted Feb 20, 2019, 7:24 AM by Theresa Mills
Please find below information about the tournament this weekend. This information was sent out by the tournament director. 
As always, parents are welcome. We love to see you!

Good morning.

I hope you are all as excited as I am for our tournament this weekend, here on Michigan State’s campus in East Lansing, Michigan!
I just wanted to send this email with reminders and updates for our tournament as we get closer to the weekend.

You all may have noticed that our schedule is a bit longer than a typical tournament. We needed to account for the travel time between the three buildings we have reserved for our tournament, and allot for the time students will need for lunch. Our general assembly room will be tight for the number of students competing (which means we will have to squeeze a little for the morning), which is why we will be moving to a much larger lecture hall for awards. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this causes and for guaranteeing that awards will not start until at least 6, but please understand it was out of our control due to space reserving services (which has been a nightmare this year). Quite simply we have a much larger tournament this year, and MSU gave us a hard time in terms of accommodating you all comfortably. There will be a ballot collection table in all three buildings, and we will have more info regarding their locations at the judges meeting. Additionally, we have condensed all visual aid events to Berkey Hall so that these aids are not trampled or in the way of other events on campus. Students will, however, need to bring their VA’s back to Bessey after semi-finals so we can condense to one building. All events are located as follows:

Ernst Bessey:
Extemp, Broadcast, Duo, DI, Multiple

Sales, Info, Info 9.10, Duo 9.10

Story, Impromptu, Prose, Poetry, Oratory

The tournament’s home base will be in Ernst Bessey (or just Bessey) Hall, two blocks east of Spartan Stadium.

434 Farm Lane,

East Lansing, MI 48824 

 If your school is planning to arrive by bus, please email me. Michigan State has one of the most confusing and unfair parking systems of all American universities, so I want to be able to best assist your school's needs and make this a painless part of your day. Busses will likely need to hang out south of campus in the lots near Mt. Hope road. As much as we wanted to contain the tournament to a singular building, the massive amount of entries registered has forced us to reserve two other buildings within 5 minute walking distance for competition.  

Here is the updated map for parking this year: 

Schedule of Events:

7:00-8:15 Registration in Ernst Bessey Hall for judges and teams

8:15 Prep 1 for Broadcast and Extemp in Computer Labs

8:30 General Meeting/Judges Meeting

8:45 Round 1

10:20 Round 2

11:45 Round 3

12:30-2:15 Lunch

2:15 Postings in Bessey

2:30 Semi-finals (Condensed to Berkey and Bessey)

4:25 Finals (Condensed to only Bessey)

6-ish Awards Ceremony (in Wells B115 we do not have access to the room until 6pm)

Weather is looking pretty good as of now as well, should be 45 and cloudy.

Impromptu quotes will only have been spoken or written by MSU alumni, professors, and associates. Broadcasters will have one round of Michigan State related news. There will be one round of Extemp with critical questions pertaining to Michigan State. Additionally, we have limited numbers of desktop computers for use in the prep room. We encourage students who feel comfortable prepping with their laptops to bring them. There will be accessible high-speed internet for use. 

Finally as a reminder, we are still very new to running a tournament and we gladly welcome all of your years of expertise and advice. Please feel free to reach out to me in regards to any questions or suggestions you may have. Space will definitely at some points feel tight throughout this tournament, but I can assure you all we have sat through countless meetings to make sure everything is safe and accessible.

Thank you again for your interest and we can't wait to see you on our wonderful campus!